Photo: Example Post

Here is a great example of a photo or image post. 

Smaller images can be scaled up or kept the original size.

Larger photos are scaled down to fit the width of the PhotoGiant theme settings and then displayed a full size in a lightbox when the user clicks on them.

It’s a very frustrated feeling you get when the only people with good photos of you work are the police department.

Video: Example Post

Here is an example of a youtube video that we embedded here. 

It is super simple to do and it scales up to fit the width of the Photo Giant Theme

Text Post Example

This is an example of the text post.

You can have a lot of text or just a little bit. It is really up to you. PhotoGiant can handle it all.

Chat: Example Post

  • Steven: What should the chat look like?
  • Paul: Hmmm. Let me think...
  • Steven: I think simple is better
  • Paul: True but simple comes before complicated
  • Steven: Lets start Here
  • Paul: What about this?

This is an example of an Audio Post.  This is some crazy music.

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